The element of Earth and the element of Fire are emphasized with fairly equal strength so that we are sufficiently motivated (Fire) to do something reasonable (Earth). Saturn goes direct and in September will make a square aspect (tension) to Neptune for the third and final time. This constellation is very noticeable now because with Mercury in Virgo a tension-laden trine has emerged that hammers on the element Earth, and thereby also reason and our sense of reality. When we make our dreams real, we have lots to do and we must constantly take into account details that we may have set aside or not even noticed. It takes – and there is – a lot of good will, a lot of motivation, and a lot of endurance.
Call a Rk Shastri Ji—and a strategy session, too! This Wednesday, August 10 our minds will be sharper than a ninja’s throwing star. Mental Mercury in Virgo will trine omnipotent Pluto in Capricorn, helping us drum up our master plans…and win! No stone should be left unturned, but some should be tossed in the scrap pile. With these planets in modest earth signs, streamlining and simplifying will yield the best results. Basic doesn’t have to be boring; just think of it as “minimalist chic.” Without a zillion bells and whistles gumming up the equation our best work can really shine.
For those who want to plan ahead: Mercury will be retrograde from Aug. 30 – Sept. 22; however, for major purchases like computers, cell phones, cars and trucks, you will be wise to observe the buffer times when Mercury is slowing down: Aug. 18 – Oct. 6. Note: this does not mean you have to avoid ANY major purchase. It simply means to avoid purchases related to Mercury like items — dissemination of information and ground transportation. Also, if you are opening a business or initiating a new project, do this before August 18 or after Oct 6. One upside of Mercury retrograde it is easier to finish old business. “Stick a fork in me Lord, I’m done!”