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Combination of Raksha Bandhan and lunar eclipse, these four amounts be careful

Partial lunar eclipse is occurring on August 7 and together with the auspicious time of Raksha Bandhan. This view can be seen in India. The eclipse period is not considered auspicious. It is auspicious time for the morning of Sunday morning from 11.07 am to 1.50 pm. On this day there will be lunar eclipse which will start from 10.52 in the night to 12.22. Lunar eclipse will take place 9 hours before. Before that Bhadra will be the effect. Lunar eclipse will not be complete but it will be fragmented. Astrological scholars say that Rakhi should not be built in Bhadra Yoga and Yogas. This is the rule.

❶ According to the astrological scholars, the impact of lunar eclipse falls on every amount. Of the 12 zodiac signs, 8 amounts will have a general effect but will be heavy on 4 amounts.

❷ Aries people will have to suffer a lot, there will be a shortage of income. Be careful before any major deal or deal.

❸ Black clouds of both disease and grief are on the Virgo zodiac. Do not raise any risks related to health. Do not drive at the time of eclipse, there may be an accident. If you have to go through the necessary work, you should turn the water coconut in a black cloth and turn it from head to toe and shed it in running water.

❹ Lunar eclipses on the life of Capricorn will leave the loss of disaster and disaster. Any kind of investment is making the sum of losses. Do not travel even during eclipse.

❺ Pisces will have to pay a lot of changes on the workstation during eclipse. With which the mind will remain turbulent. There can also be a bigger conflict with anyone in distraction. There is also the possibility of big losses in business.

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