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Success Astrology Tips Ever-Drink a cup of tea per day, luck will shine

Start the morning with a cup of tea in most homes occurs. Tea refreshes the person feels himself. According to Astrology planets with a cup of tea can be made better by good luck. Here, other churches, except the day she must drink tea
The day is considered auspicious Lkrviwar molasses drink tea. Do not use ginger tea in the day. This planet is stronger than the sun.astrology tips
1.Sunday molasses is good to drink tea. Do not use ginger tea in the day. This planet is stronger than the sun.
2.On Monday, Egyptian pour drink tea. This increase in the influence of the moon is auspicious.
3.Tuesdays belong molasses clove Drink tea. Tue bad effects of it ends.
4.Basil tea drink on Wednesday. The day of basil tea enhances the influence of Mercury.
5.Thursday honey tea should stop. The tea is good to drink a little saffron.
6.On Friday, the sugar drink tea. Cardamom tea can put this day. This Venus is strong. Friday should not drink lemon tea.
7.Add lemon drink tea Saturday pepper else is good. The day also can drink black tea without milk.

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