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स्त्री-पुरुष एक महीने तक रखें ध्यान, अनजाने में पाप के भागी न बन जाएं

Keep in mind men and women a month, not unawares become a part with the sin

The loving couple falgun season mostly because their relationship blossomed offer and heat wave at the beginning of the end of the cold wave nature everywhere is the color of love rain. Weather it be said that love. In the same month, the day of love, Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout is the world.
February 11, according to the Hindu calendar from March 12, 2017 will be the Fag Festival. During a month of some measures lovers, husband and wife came to his loving relationship can lull away happy as the first date. Men and women should take special care of the sun, which means that the time of day Kamkreedha not intercourse. Inadvertently become partakers of the sin.

  • Wash genitals regular yogur
  • Donate to the shrine by filling in Gagr Satnja bronze.
  • Avoid unwanted hair on different body parts. Regularly clean the unwanted hair.
  • Mutual respect for the spouse or lover, in love with each other, not the owner.

If anything changes in your love life, your love will intensify chant Cupid. Kama Dev ie increasing job. Lovers, husband and wife to each other to attract the chant Cupid. Regular chanting of the mantra marital love grows. Lovers are bound to each other Mohpash. Recognize that the chanting of the mantra in the work force has also increased.
Kam Dev mantra
‘|Om Kamdeway Vidmahe, Rati Priyaya DHEEMAHI, Anang Prchodayat Tnno|| ”

If delay in getting married, then follow these steps

Marriage is the beginning of new life. But some men and women face much difficulty in marriage . Do not come to a marriage relationship someone, it becomes a matter of wedding-made worsens. Today we tell you some tips that are architectural barriers, which may be coming to your wedding soon.

  • Girl’s room should always be towards the north-west of the house. In any case it should not be in a southwest direction. This stability in life and there are constraints in marriage.
  • If While The Manglik marriage is delayed then due to the door of the room and have red or pink paint. It is less affected by Tue.
  • Marriageable boys and girls should not be deep or dark color of the rooms. Bright color of the walls, yellow, pink or white is good.
  • According to Vastu Shastra nubile virgins boys room should be in the south or west.
  • If the house has a south-west towards the underground water tank,Then it is a major cause of delay in marriage.
  • Sleep in a room with more than one door with become much more difficulty in the marriage relationship.
  • This should keep your bed at bedtime feet and head south to the north. We should not ignore this rule.
  • Marriageable virgin boys and girls under the bed anytime iron should not have any baggage. So far, no use of the goods for which it has not ever keep under the bed.
  • Black clothes and other items used to reduce.
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